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An Overwhelming Call From Mama
by Robbie Bronnerr also by Robbie Bronner Connections
* Hear the actual live recording of the phone call to her son

* You can listen to the entire message HERE or Watch It HERE. The CD is for those who want the anointing of the physical CD for themselves or to give to others.
Also, in Mama Bronner’s first book CONNECTIONS
* The How-To on successful marriages
    ...no divorces among any of the children
* How her husband became a millionaire
* The advice her mother gave her on getting a good husband.  When she followed it she got her husband on the FIRST DAY.
* The inner struggles of family
* How God guided and provided during the trials and troubles of teenage boys
* The lineage and the tap root system
* The health rules that kept the family healthy
* The spiritual experiences that will help you rid yourself of jealousy and hate
* A walk through the 23rd Psalms
* Why you may not be able to accumulate more than a certain amount of money
* Why 80% of her sons became ministers
* The Birthing Chamber
* Keeping a marriage fresh
* Family finances in tight times
* How we coped with two sons delving into the music business
* Grandma’s Boot Camp
* ...and much more