foreword by Dick Gregory

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  • How to eat double portions of sweets
         ...and still lose weight
  • Why the politically incorrect word FAT is in the title
  • How to get Six Hours of exercise in Six Minutes
  • The 12 Commandments of Weight Loss
  • How to get rid of your mama's fat that's on you
  • The 10-Minute Full Body Workout with $20 of Equipment
  • The exclusive exercise found only in this book to move FAT from your stomach and tighten your butt
  • The weight loss technique done from your car that works wonders
  • How to Get Fine once the FAT is off
  • The secret meaning of “2” in Fat 2 Fine
  • The 7 Spirits of Weight Loss
  • The REAL reason Europeans aren't fat
  • The EAT ALL YOU WANT diet that really works
  • Eliminate any ONE of these THREE foods
         ...for amazing weight loss
  • Why a man's fat is more dangerous than a woman's
  • What to do if you've failed at every diet and exercise plan and you just can't lose the weight
  • The 7 Keys of The Most Effective Weight Loss Facility in The World

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