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The FAT2Fine Guarantee

My brother receives a financial newsletter each month.  Just once a month.  It doesn’t even come in the mail, it comes by E-mail.  It’s not even 1,000 words, it’s not even 500 words.  It’s $100 a month and all it has is a stock trade recommendation.  One stock recommendation.  He pays it gladly because the vast majority of the time the stock trade makes money.

$100.00 for just a few words.

Suppose you were sick.

You had fevers, headaches, pains, sinus drip, puffy eyes and you couldn’t sleep well.  Then someone told you that you had an allergy that many people also suffer from.  They simply told you that you were allergic to wheat, in particular the gluten in wheat so you stop eating all gluten containing foods.

Your fever stopped.  Your headache went away.  Your pains, sinus drip, puffy eyes disappeared as well and now you are getting a full nights rest.  It was just a few words uttered out of insight but just a few words nevertheless.  They didn’t even put it on paper.

Suppose you are lonely.

Someone came to you and gave you a name and a number scribbled on a wrinkled and torn piece of paper.  They said, “I think this person will be good for you.  I think that you will like each other, give them a call and tell them that I told you to call them.”  You called.  Six months later you are happily married.  It was just a torn and wrinkled sheet of paper with scribbling on it.

I’ve given someone that advice on gluten.  It worked.

I’ve given someone that slip of paper with a name and number.  They are happily married with kids.

It’s not how big the book is.

It’s not how many pages are in the book.

It’s not the bright colors or the fancy graphics.

It’s whether the knowledge can make a change in your life that’s worth it and more.

That’s the only real question that you should ask, “Can the knowledge in this book make at least one beneficial change in my life that’s worth it and more?”

I sincerely believe that the knowledge in FAT2Fine can.

The book and seminar “BedroomTALK” deals with an extremely wide variety of subjects that couples deal with.  The book is over 200 pages.  There are 4 CDs in the audio series.  After the live seminar and even after people read the book, one thing stuck out and stands out above everything else.  The chapter called, “How To Turn A 3-Minute Man Into A 30-Minute Lover.”

The book deals with very frank issues that couples face and it even deals fairly explicitly with sex.  That one chapter is what 95% of the people talk about even though 98% of the book dealt with other things.  That one technique that wives got their husbands to use changed their sex lives and was worth a thousand times what the book cost.  Even though there was much more, they felt they got multiples of their money’s worth from that one thing that REALLY made a difference.  Many people after reading BedroomTALK bought up to 10 copies to give to their friends.

The book 7-UPs, 7-DOWNs 7-TURNAROUNDs deals with finances.  7-UPs is for anyone who doesn’t have $10,000.00 cash.  It trains you with simple techniques to take your finances from peanuts to plenty and get your first $10,000.  Many books deal with trying make millions but the practical reality is that many would be a lot better off and have peace of mind if they just had $10,000.00 in the bank.  Just one of the techniques can change your financial future.  How much is that worth?

FAT2Fine will have at least one thing that will really make a difference in your life.

I would have given you the knowledge for free but I can’t.  Let me explain why.

I am a scientist, a chemist by educational and vocational training.  I own a company that manufactures nutriceuticals, commonly called vitamins.  My company’s website is TheWoman.com.  That stands for “The Power of Mother Nature.”  I also pastor a church and I am the editor of the largest inspirational e-mail in the world, MountainWings.com and the founder of the AirJesus.com websites.

I have been on television as minister as of the writing of this book for over 11 years.  During those 11 years we have sent cassette tapes to viewers who call in and request them at the rate of sometimes hundreds per week.  We have never charged for the tapes.  We pay all expenses and ship them free.  Only six in each thousand sends a donation back.

You can go to AirJesus.com and listen to over 500 sermons absolutely free.  Thousands have participated in The 40 Day Miracle at 40day.com.  It is free.  Over six million movies have been viewed from CryofTheSpirit.com.  All of the movies are free.  My second book, Quickfasting is read by over 10,000 people per month from quickfasting.com absolutely free.  I receive no salary from the church.  I don’t take up a collection for me from the church.  I have never earned any money from MountainWings or any of the AirJesus.com websites.  All donations go back into the websites and the projects.  I always have preached without charge.

Go to AirJesus.com and check what I’m saying.  You can see those websites were not something done quickly or cheaply.  You can see the over 500 sermons available for free.  You can check MountainWings.com and everything else that I’ve just told you.

I was led by God to do this book and live series from which the CDs are based.  I would have aired the series on television.  I would have made the audio available on AirJesus.com for free the same way that I made The 40 Day Miracle available.

Hearing the voice of God is a delicate matter.  You can’t prove it to anyone.  It’s not scientifically verifiable and even those who hear often get things confused.  I can’t argue the point, I can only tell you what is.

I gave you the above background so that you can see that for virtually all of my ministerial career I have done things without charge and have earned the income to support my family elsewhere.  I have made what God gave to me freely available without charge.

As God breathed into my spirit the timing and before He spoke the content for FAT2Fine, He also spoke two other things.

1. You shall not give this away.
2. You shall not charge less than $29.95 for it.

For the FIRST TIME in the history of our church, admission is charged to an event.  God said not to give it away so I could not even teach the seminar at the church for free.  The admission price is 29.95 even for the long time members of the church.  I have learned the hard way the price of disobedience and I dare not disobey.

There is a consistent theme in the Bible, SACRIFICE!  Sacrifice was required in just about everything.  Solomon was the wisest and probably the richest man in the Bible but God granted Solomon wisdom and riches AFTER he had made a thousand sacrifices.  I have given so much through the resources and knowledge that God has granted.  This time, He is saying let the people make a sacrifice who will be receiving the blessing, you cannot give this away.

I not only feel that there will be solid revelation knowledge in FAT2Fine, but that there will be a special grace and anointing that no science can offer.  Sometimes we just need outside and “up there” help to do what flesh is just too weak to do even when we know what to do.  I know that I do.

Why $29.95?  Don’t ask me.  I didn’t come up with the price.

I did include the book (which is 365 pages) AND the complete LIVE seminar so it is a very good value.

How many pages does it take to give you one thing can could change your life?

How much is that one thing worth?

It’s at least the sacrifice of $29.95.