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How to Turn Your Marriage Into A Lifelong Love Affair
by Rev. James and Rev. Stephanie Bronner
foreword by Ambassador Andrew Young

  • The 8 best practices that happy, Godly, passionate
    and successful marriages have in common.
  • Three ways to turn a 3-Minute Man into a
    30-Minute Lover.
  • How to detect and handle a bisexual husband.
  • What to do when you are fussing and fighting
    and it looks like  you can’t  agree on anything.
  • How to handle blended families with stepchildren.
  • How to keep a satisfied mate in the midst of
    pregnancy, menstruation and infections.
  • What to do when the month’s money is spent
    and the month isn’t over yet.
  • How to get the passion back into your marriage,
    and take the bed off the “to do” list.
  • How to break soul ties to past relationships that
    you just can’t  seem to break by any natural means.
  • How to tell if your marriage is going to be able to
    work or not.
  • How to determine who does what responsibilities
    around the house.
  • Under what conditions to divorce.
  • How to determine how many children to have.
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions
    by married couples.
  • A full marriage analysis and evaluation workbook.
  • Household budget sheet & 22 ways to save money.