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The 7 Traits of Rich People and Those Headed To Be Rich
The 7 Traits of Those In Debt and Headed for Financial Bondage
...and 7 Ways to Turnaround If You Are Going In The Wrong Direction
by C. Elijah Bronner
* Get on the UP elevator with 7 UPs 7 DOWNs & 7 TURNAROUNDs
* 7 steps for starting your own business
* 49 Keys on How to TURNAROUND
    ...and head in the right direction
* Do this one UP practice and you will never be broke
* Surefire UP ways to become a millionaire
* Eliminate these five DOWN habits and you will save a bundle of money
* What growing UP with a multi-millionaire taught me
* How those who are rich (UPper Crust) get richer
* The 5 Biggest Lies About Money
* Just because you weren’t born rich doesn’t mean you have to die poor
* How to absolutely positively win big at The Lottery
* Put $10,000.00 in your bank account
* Why some investors make 2% a year and some make 200%
* There’s money in more places than the sofa
* What the rich teach their kids about money
* Marry rich or Divorce broke
* What to do about relatives who want to borrow your new money
* Learn the principles that makes the Jews the most affluent ethnic group