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by Nathaniel Hawthorne Bronner Jr.

You or someone you love WILL need the cure
one day!

Cancer is America’s #1 Killer of people under 85!
Cancer is the #2 Killer of Children - 2nd only to accidents

Don't bother reading this book if you:

#1  Don't believe that God still operates in 
    the prophetic realm.

#2  Don't believe that a Divine cure can be 
    given for cancer.

#3  Don't have the discipline to change
    for 49 days.

#4  Won't invest the few minutes to read ALL  
    of this book.

#5  Have already prejudged this impossible.

#6  Have resigned to be burned (radiation),
    poisoned (chemo), or cut (surgery) and
    won't even consider trying anything else.

#7  Have no faith in God as a healer.

The 49 Day Cancer Cure is NOT for most people. 
It's not that The 49 Day Cancer Cure won't work;
it's that most will neither believe it nor follow it.  Most won't even take the few minutes that it requires to read the 40 pages of this book.

A sad but quite true fact is that most will suffer greatly and eventually be conquered by cancer. 
It does not have to be so, but unfortunately with most, it will be so.  Decide not to be in that group.

The 49 Day Cancer Cure is made available without charge.
download is free or we will mail you to book for only the cost of postage.